【BOROSINO】The 2024 Spring Fire Safety Drill was successfully completed

【BOROSINO】The 2024 Spring Fire Safety Drill was successfully completed

In order to further strengthen the fire safety education of the company's employees, improve the fire prevention and control ability and emergency response ability, learn to correctly use fire extinguishers and all kinds of fire equipment, equipment and facilities.

Under the guidance of the Safety Committee, the safety personnel of Baonuo Company organized a real combat fire drill in front of the open space of the company park on the morning of March 12, 2024.

The fire drill was carried out in an orderly and intense manner according to the predetermined plan.

The purpose of the exercise is to improve the company's overall fire prevention and control level, employees' fire safety awareness and enhance employees' initial fire fighting ability, effectively prevent fire and minimize risks.

Make employees more clear: once a fire occurs, it is necessary to be calm and calm, and each key person knows what to do - how to correctly alarm, how to correctly fight the initial fire, how to evacuate personnel, and further improve the ability to prevent and control fire.

General Manager Mr. Chen, the leader of the safety committee, summarized the exercise, and all the safety officers according to the instructions of "all actions to listen to the command", each link of the rehearsal can fall into place, satisfied with the success of the exercise, and put forward new requirements for strengthening the work of fire prevention.

The fire drill was a complete success.